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Welcome to IPB Spitex!

We have prepared information for you to help you understand a little more about Spitex services in Switzerland.
Spitex in Switzerland is a system of home health and social care that allows patients to receive the care and support they need in their own home or place of residence.
Spitex services are provided by qualified medical professionals and are aimed at ensuring maximum comfort and quality of life for patients.

Who pays for spitex services:

-Spitex services can be covered by compulsory health insurance
-State and municipal subsidies or personal funds
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How do I know if I can use Spitex services and to what extent can I receive these services?

-The list of services covered by the insurance company for a particular diagnosis depends on the doctor's recommendations.

What services can I get from spitex?

Medical care and procedures:
-Wound dressing
-Treatment of the skin
-Intramuscular injections (only on prescription)
-Administration of medicines (only on prescription)
-Supply and delivery of medicines (only on prescription)
-Measurement of blood pressure, pulse
-Use of medical devices (e.g. inhalers)
-Monitoring blood sugar levels

Personal care and support:
-Assistance with mobility and support, walking in the fresh air
-Assistance with body hygiene (washing, shaving, etc.)
-Assistance with getting up and getting dressed
-Assistance with eating and drinking
-Assistance with getting up and turning over in bed
-Assistance with transferring from bed to wheelchair
-Catheter care (Turkish, nasopharyngeal, etc.)
-Assistance with changing nappies

Support and assistance:
-Supply of auxiliary devices (crutches, wheelchairs, etc.)
-Accompanying you to doctor's appointments and medical procedures
-Assistance with shopping and household chores
-Assistance in staying active and rehabilitation (exercises and massage)
-Providing information and counselling on healthy lifestyles
-Assistance in organising medical tests and consultations

Specialised car
-Care for patients with chronic diseases
-Rehabilitation exercises and physiotherapy
-Care for patients after surgery
-Care for patients with dementia
Palliative care and end-of-life support

*Domestic help.
-Only services prescribed by a doctor are covered by health insurance or the state.

Do you have experience in the nursing profession and are you looking for a job?

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We look forward to hearing from you!

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